Guide Line

Guide Line

Through the wizkey gaming and learning app, children can enjoy their leisure time as well as become the spokesperson for a good generation by learning knowledge, recognition and practical life lessons. This app includes regular games and prizes. But its biggest feature is that it teaches daily practical training with the help of parents and the essentials of life, rather than the usual mobile games. After the opening of the session called Practical Games, children will be able to engage in various creative activities with the help of adults and receive prizes. Practical games always need parental approval to upload ..The mobile number of the parent should be added at the time of downloading the application

About Payment

All payments should be made via account through only.. Any one can download this application from website for a three days free trial, Before going for a paid version. Coins collected on free trial are also can be used to collect gifts from the gifts store after purchasing any packages. All the disputes and legal issues will be handled by the legal advisor and all the legal formalities will be under the jurisdiction of ernakulam district only

How does it works

How does it works. Download the wizkey app from the website, google play store or apple app store. Or one can download it through the download links shared via social medias. Register with real details in all the fields are mandatory. Any mismatch or manipulation in the given details will be considered as malpractice and if found the account will be deleted permanently. In such cases there wont be any refund to the customer and may be a legal action will be taken against such persons for violating the rules and regulations signed and agreed by the time of registration. Once the registration is successfully done a member can start playing the games excluding the practical games for three days as a free trial. After three days the same account should be registered by selecting a desirable package and the payment can be done through online methods. Once a member start the games and activities they can earn defferent points as gold or silver named coins and which will enable them to collect their dream gifts from the gift store as per the terms and conditions by the management of For any clarifications and doubts our 24/7 customer support is available by online chat or telephonic calls

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