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Creativity is a functional outcome of education which involves the production of ideas that are both new and also useful or effective. This definition makes it sound as though creativity is quite positive. And often it is. During the pandemic, creativity gave birth to new ways to work, and children lost the old styles like.. attend school, tour museums, experience concerts, practical workshops out side games house visits and more - We know the many personal and social benefits of creativity. But we also know that there is a dark side of creativity, too.

Cybercriminals, for example, used their creativity to take advantage of the disruption and fears caused by the pandemic to attack countries, businesses and institutions and steal personal information from people And offcourse they have penetrated to children's life through mobile games and applications..

The point is, creativity is not always socially desirable. So, merely teaching kids to be creative does not cut it in the modern age. Here we offer tips for parents and caregivers on how to minimize the negative forms of creativity in children - and themselves - and foster positive creativity instead.


To enlighten the young minds by experiencing the deep roots of knowledge and wisdom by using a virtual gaming and learning platform.


Wisdome to everyone through positive education

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Dr. Mohammed Khan
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